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PRONOVA was founded in 1998 and is based on the activities and know-how of AEG in the area of gas analysis, which was exclusively taken over by PRONOVA. PRONOVA is certified in accordance with DIN/ISO 9001 2008. In 2004, following the take over of iRAS® automation GmbH (Bad Klosterlausnitz), the market segment of water analysis technology was incorporated. Since 2006 PRONOVA has offered additional solutions in the area of agricultural measurement systems with the STELZNER® product group.


PRONOVA's central goal is to provide professional, application-specific solutions for various tasks in gas and fluid analysis in the area of process control where the small numbers required mean that they are not considered economical by the "large" manufacturers who are not prepared to make and develop special, economical solutions, and on the other hand where meeting the requirements for measurement using their standard equipment is too expensive.

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