Biogas Analysis Equipment

PRONOVA's SSM6000 products were the first gas analysers designed specifically for biogas facilities. They have been available since 1998. PRONOVA leads the German market in providing gas analysis products for biogas plants. More than one thousand of our systems are in use around the world.

For years PRONOVA has been delivering customer-specific analysis systems for our customers' gas supply feeds. Our customers, including several well-known manufacturers of biogas preparation facilities, have very demanding requirements for system accuracy and availability.

In addition to the FOS/TAC 2000, PRONOVA offers other analysis products for use in biogas plants. We provide stationary and mobile devices for liquid analysis (pH, ammonium, NH4, etc.) and develop solutions for gas monitoring and detection.

FOS/TAC 2000 zur Fermenteranalyse Biogasanalysator SSM 6000

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