PRONOVA develops, manufactures and distributes products in the areas of: 

Gas analysis systems Gas sensors (electrochemical measuring cells), analysers for smoke, process and exhaust gases (monitor 4000/5000, MonoGas® analyser), components for gas preparation (measuring gas cooler MGK 741, measuring gas conditioning MGK 711, analysis systems (as per 13th German regulations on emission protection (BImSchV) and for corporate measurements, ATEX versions for Ex zones 1 or 2) and gas warning equipment 

Biogas analysis systems Biogas analysers (SSM 6000), gas warning equipment, equipment to monitor the fermenter condition (e.g. FOS/TAC 2000, NH4 and pH measuring equipment) 

Water analysis equipment / product group IRAS®_Sensors for water analysis (e.g. ion selective electrodes for NO3, NH4, K, F, Cl, Cu, Na, Br, Ca, Ag/S as well as O2, conductivity and CO2), portable and stationary measuring instruments, accessories 

Agricultural measuring equipment / product group STELZNER®_Portable and stationary measuring instruments (pH, activity, conductivity, nitrate, etc.), soil samplers, light meters, magnifying glasses and microscopes, fruit analysis, sample preparation, laboratory equipment, quick tests, accessories, order analyses

PRONOVA ist DIN/ISO 9001: 2008 zertifiziert Mitglied im Fachverband Biogas e.V.

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